Manage all your cPanel servers through a single installation of CentralCP.

Creation, Suspension, Upgrade Downgrade, Modification and Termination of accounts becomes easy.

Configure Tweak settings and apply to any server(s).

Create / Fetch packages and add to one or more servers.

Find duplicate accounts across all servers.

Search for an account, addon/parked domain on any server.

Search for IPs, free and used IPs.


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CentralCP helps you with generation of various reports, statistics and graphical analysis to provide the perfect insight to your cPanel network.

CentralCP generates geographical reports of your domains and accounts helping you understand the diversity and growth of your business.

Get reports per server, per datacenter, per city, country and overall.

Understand exactly where the growth is happening, which country/city has the highest suspended accounts, resource usage.



CentralCP makes using your cPanel infrastructure Easier, Faster and Smarter.

View growth of domains and accounts report at country, city, datacenter and server levels.

With one click find out which country/city/datacenter/server has the highest suspended accounts, resource usage.

Find out accounts over bandwidth or disk space across all your servers.

Find duplicate accounts and CentralCP tells you exactly which account is active and which account to terminate.

News & Updates

CentralCP v1.1.0 released

We are pleased to inform you that CentralCP v1.1.0 has been released. Following new features have been added – 1. Version display 2. Version checking (auto version check using the CentralCP cron job) 3. Auto update to new version (one click updates) 4. Tweak...

Small Update V1.0.1 Released

12 Dec 2012:  A small update – v1.0.1 has been released. Changelog – 1. We have implemented some changes in our Reports section. 2. Tweak Settings includes a new layout while creating a tweak settings template. 3. Some design bug fixes have been...

CentralCP launched

11 Nov 2012 : After tremendous response to our thread on Web Hosting Talk , we put together a development team specifically for CentralCP. What is CentralCP ? CentralCP is the only platform which makes multi-server cPanel Management and...


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