Account Management

Allows you to create accounts

This feature allows you to create accounts over any of the connected servers through CentralCP.

This particular feature will allow you to create accounts without actually logging into the server thus saving time and effort.
You can Suspend / Unsuspend/Terminate accounts across multiple servers
Now, change the status of any hosted account via your CentralCP. This utility allows you to manage the status of any account over any connected server.
Allows you to search accounts across all servers
Finding a particular account when you have thousands of servers can be a time consuming job.

Not any more, now search where this account is hosted through the Search Account feature provided in CentralCP.
Allows you to find duplicate accounts across all servers
What we observed many times with hosting service providers is that some tech migrates the account and then you have two accounts out of which only
one is active. Now find such Zombie accounts and make your servers clutter free!!
Package Management

Fetch packages from all servers.
Maintain a central repository of all your unique packages. CentralCP automatically fetches all root and reseller created packages to its database.
Create package template of specific packages
You can create package templates consisting of multiple packages. For example, there can be a package template for shared hosting packages which you can directly apply to all your shared hosting servers. Applying a template automatically adds all missing packages to the selected servers.
Add a package to one or more servers.
You can add a package from the central package repository to any server(s). Just select package / package template, select the servers and submit.
Create a New Package.
You can create packages within CentralCP and then add them to various servers.
Tweak Settings

Create Tweak Settings Template
Create a local tweak settings template which you can apply to one or more servers. No need to login to each server to change tweak settings any more.
Apply Tweak settings
Apply created plans to any number of servers. Especially useful to clone tweak settings configuration to new servers.
Service Manager

Select enabled and monitored services
Use Configure Services Manager to enable/disable services and enable/disable monitoring of services. This is especially useful while setting up new servers.
Domain Management

Domain Management
Do a centralized search of all Primary, Addon and Parked domains on your servers.
Get reports of domain types per server, datacenter, city and country.
View growth of primary, addon and parked domains.
IP Management

Fetch all servers IPs
Get a list of IPs from all your servers in this IP Management Utility. Get a comprehensive Server Wise list of allotted IPs.
Search IPs across servers
Easily Detect on which server a particular IP is.

This comes in handy especially when you have to urgently resolve Abuse complaints.

Also, manage IPs across your servers.

Lookup free and used IPs across servers.
List free and used accounts along with the accounts that are using them(If they are allotted) using CentralCP.
Locatio management

Add countries, cities and datacenters that you operate from.
This feature is especially useful for Hosts/Resellers who have a wide network spread over multiple location over multiple continents and countries.

This utility lets you efficiently manage the servers across all these locations since here you can put them in different groups depending on the Countries, Data Centres.

This will help your techs efficiently spot location issues, and in turn handle them much faster than what is being done right now.
View analytics per datacenter, city and country.
View detailed growth, account status and resource usage analytics per datacenter, city and country.

Multiple reports to analyze your server network.
With CentralCP, you get a comprehensive reporting utility.

Here we have got some very important reports which are being generated on a daily basis.

Also, the reports section is constantly being updated so you will be getting new and more informative reports with every new update of CentralCP.

Further, you can select reports which you are most likely to go through every day and put them on your dashboard so that you can analyze them as soon as you login!!

Widgetable dashboard

Widgetable dashboard for home, country, city, datacenter, server
Widgetable dasboards allow you to decide exactly what you wish to see on a page. We offer dashboards and various widgets for Home, Country, City, Datacenter and Server.
Analyze your server/domain usage and growth.
Widgets are available for information regarding the page (number of domains in a city, number of datacenters in a country etc), resource usage within that location, account status and growth.


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