CentralCP launched

11 Nov 2012 : After tremendous response to our thread on Web Hosting Talk , we put together a development team specifically for CentralCP.

What is CentralCP ?

  • CentralCP is the only platform which makes multi-server cPanel Management and Analysis possible.
  • CentralCP allows for centralized management of all your Packages.
  • CentralCP provides one click multi-server Tweak Settings management
  • CentralCP configures your WHM service manager across any number of servers.
  • CentralCP provides detailed analysis of your web hosting business, across countries, cities, datacenters and servers.
  • CentralCP allows you to search for domains (primary, addon or parked) across all your servers as well as find duplicate accounts
  • CentralCP manages your IPs, free and used as well as searches for duplicate additions/assignments of IPs. (especially useful for colocation)

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Why CentralCP ? 

cPanel/WHM is an excellent single server platform. – We make it Smarter!

While deploying a new server, you need to make the same 175+ tweak settings, 15+ services configuration, package addition etc . – We make this a one click process.

After transferring an account to another server, people forget to delete old account. – We make sure you delete the correct duplicate accounts. 

To search for a specific account, you need to use WHMCS. But how do you search for an account owned by a reseller, or an addon domain or a parked domain? – We make this possible with our universal search.

To create an account, modify, upgrade/downgrade, suspend/unsuspend, terminate on any server you need to use WHMCS/HostBill etc or login to each server manually. – We make this possible via our Account Manager , for all accounts yours or reseller’s. 

cPanel does not provide any multi-server/business analytics.
How does one server fare compared to another server ?
Which server hosts most domains, which server hosts least ?
Or would you like to compare datacenters? Cities ? or entire countries ?
– View exact analysis with graphical reports of your business, only with CentralCP !

What’s the catch ?

There isn’t any, it is full featured and completely free to use upto first 3 servers.

From our research of 10,000+ cPanel web hosting companies, over 70% of the companies have 3 servers or less. We want you to grow faster to our paid version and there is nothing better than CentralCP to

  • Cut down your manual work,
  • Trim your support response times
  • Increase your efficiency, exponentially.
  • Grow your business beyond 5-10-100 servers like we did !

What about larger companies ? 
We offer a paid software (with Priority Support) for just $2 / server / month . (Introductory pricing)

What’s more, if you have over 50 servers , contact us for custom pricing ! (sales@centralcp.com)

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Is this a hosted software or can I install it on my own servers ? 
This is not a hosted software. Why risk your data with another provider. Host it on any of your existing cPanel servers or a separate server.

Which language is it developed in ? Is it secure ? 
Yes. It has been developed with the strictest PHP and MySQL security standards. It uses SSL to connect to your cPanel/WHM servers. Every action with CentralCP is logged in the system activities section.
We do not use root passwords for WHM. Only Secure Access Hash (Remote access keys) are allowed.
CentralCP is not a client-facing software. No one apart from your employees need to know where it is installed. It can even be installed on your office machine.

Is CentralCP a one-man show ? Will you stop supporting for future cPanel releases ? 
No. CentralCP has been developed by a 3 person PHP team alongwith a designer reporting to our Director of Development, who are a part of a larger registered organization Leapswitch Networks Pvt. Ltd. We are an authorized cPanel developer with access to cPanel development licenses to test on Edge releases like 11.36.

What are the upcoming features in CentralCP ? 
We have a roadmap in mind where we go beyond cPanel API. We will release the roadmap to the public later this month.

Is CentralCP encoded ? 
Yes. CentralCP follows MVC architecture and Models and Controllers are encoded. The views are not encoded to allow you to make design changes if required.


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